Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

I always get a kick out of reading Syds Thursday blog posts, so I’m jumping aboard the AA wagon! I mean AA as in Awkward and Awesome, not to be confused with Alcoholics Anonymous and their wagon; the one Charlie Sheen fell off.


What I just said, about AA and wagons. What?!

Making a super cute camera strap and attaching it to your camera before taking a picture of it. And then trying to take said picture while strap is still attached to your camera.

The cashier at Target who was wearing a teal mesh top, red bra, and black leggings. She was on track with the red, but blew it when she forgot her khaki pants.

That new Kim Kardashian jam.

The cat mashing her face into the center of her food bowl resulting in major spillage:


The camera strap I was telling you about!

The sweet smell of the air this month.

Finally figuring out what a widget is and how it works.

CS Lewis and his AMAZING ability to explain ridiculously complex subjects in simple terms so even I can understand.

Realizing that since today is Thursday, tomorrow is Friday! Woot!


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