Best Deal Everrrrrr!

I made my little trip to the Goodwill as reported and looked through rack after filthy rack of sweaters and vests. I even tried things on, which means they touched my body before they touched my washing machine. But I survived and I’m only a little itchy. I got skunked in the search for something red, but I did find a cute winter white boatneck sweater. I’ll post pics when she’s washed and participating in a lovely outfit. But, I do have to show you the DOUBLE jackpot I hit! I work at Pottery Barn and they have this gorgeous glass lamp that I covet. But at $130 each, even my discount would not make spending so much on freaking lamps possible. So the other day when I casually strolled into the lamp section of the A-town GDub (jive for Goodwill) I almost peed when I saw these!

I literally ran over a small child to call dibs on the lamp that I saw first. It wasn’t until further inspection that I saw the price tag had a little 2 written above the bar code. Could it be?! A matching pair of glass lamps?! Yes, folks, it’s true and it gets better. When I was checking out, the nice lady told me that today was half price tan tag day, and these little lamps had tan tags. Shut. Up.

Now the dilemma. Leave the the details gold or paint black? Silver?


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