Le strap

Remember how it used to be cool to wear your backpack over one shoulder, even though it’s infinitely more uncomfortable and you end up walking a little like Disneys Quasimoto? Well, I’ve been too cool for school for a while now, and instead of wearing my backpack all wonky, I’ve been going without a camera strap. I think going strapless makes me look professional (look being the operative word) and I’ve always thought the ugly Nikon yellow clashed with my hair. So, after a quick tutorial from Cindy at Skip to my Lou and a little help from the mother in law (by little, I mean she did everything except buy the fabric… but I totally watched!) I have a lovely little strap! It’s still yellow, but it goes much better with my blonde.

PS I ended up taking one end of the strap off my camera, in order to avoid the picture-taking awkwardness discussed in my last post. Have a happy day!


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