Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

Happy Thursday! I have some AA for your reading pleasure!


Knowing that the iPhone voice dialing feature pronounces your last name McGagee. Not quite as sweet sounding as McDreamy.

Our morning goodbye kiss, the one where Sean is dressed  and leaving for work and I’m still sprawled across the bed with a pillow over my face and retainer breath.

This conversation (which we have almost everyday):

Stranger: Cute puppy! What’s his name?

Us: Thanks! Her name is Harper.

Stranger: How old is he?

Us: She’s 16 weeks.

Stranger: Oh, he’s such a good boy!

Us: ???


Getting off work early on the most glorious Spring day and then running into good friends at the park!

Having an Amazon box delivered to your door. It’s always something good! This week it was a Nikon lens pen. Yesss!

This stump from West Elm. Saving my pennies!


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