Awkward and Awesome Thursday!


J-walking across half the street until you realize there’s a police man in his car staring at you while you break the law. Then turning around mid cross and slinking back to the sidewalk to wait for the little walking guy to light up.

Telling a customer at work that we’re out of architectural candle holders only to watch her ask my co-worker the exact same question. (This could have been much more awkward if co-worker was able to produce said candle holder. But thankfully, we’re really out. Take that, lady.)

Talking to an adult with a lisp. Stheriousthly?

Getting carded for buying 2 buck chuck. Or maybe this is awesome, since apparently I still resemble a 20 year old.

Walking out of the bathroom so proud of my new red lipstick and husband shrugs and says, “Not your best look.” No red lip kisses for you!


Realizing that the T9 on your cell phone replaces the word freaking with freakhog. Freakhog awesome!

Out Cold. Best movie! See it.

Husband taking me to Yogurt Creations every single night so I can “see” if they have red velvet. And getting yogurt even if they don’t.

Being Irish! And learning that our last name doesn’t start with an M; it starts with a Mc.

These cute little St Patty’s day treats I made for work. Thanks to the ladies at One Charming Party.


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