Runner shopping

Some of you know that husband and I recently did some updating to our home, and since that cost an arm and a leg, we’re slowly getting around to furnishing. We have 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, a living room and a loft – that’s a lot to furnish. So I figured I’d make it easy and start at the front door.

When you enter our home, you’re greeted by a very boring entry (to be updated soon) and a long hallway. I want a runner to draw people in and also to cover up the dark floor that I absolutely love but that needs to be cleaned absolutely every day. I want something textural that won’t compete with the colors I plan to use in the entry. I found some great options at West Elm (Pottery Barn’s modern chic cousin) which is perfect because I get to use my discount!

Which runner do you like best?

1. jute bouclé rug in clay

2. sweater rug in heather oatmeal

3. jute diamond rug in natural/espresso (and the one featured in this DREAM kitchen!)


3 thoughts on “Runner shopping

  1. Kristina Achterberg says:

    Personally I like #2 the best, #1 second, and I’m not crazy about #3. I think 2 would look great since it is darker, so you will notice it more but it isn’t going to demand your attention, I also like how it has the darker color in it which I think would look great with you dark wood floors.

  2. Shelly Swope says:

    i think i’m leaning towards the first one…but i am a sucker for all things grey, so it could be my natural colour bent talking…i like the pattern of the 3rd one, but it is WAY LESS subtle than the other 2! i need to come see your house again…it’s been too long and i bet i would SWOON over its cuteness!!

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