I took a little trip to the valley last weekend to visit my bff from college and also to visit my FAVORITE thrift store on the planet. Lucky for me that Alisha and the DAV live in the same city! We all had a fab weekend!

It started off with this lovely view, and a speeding ticket which I absolutely did NOT deserve. I decided not to let it ruin my weekend even though it did ruin my make up… tears are useless in Kettleman City.  PS I called Sean sobbing, seriously gasping for air. He thought I’d been car jacked or something, so when I told him I got a ticket, he was super relived and not mad at all. Must remember this tactic next time I do something that could get me in trouble with the mister…

Once in Fresno, we visited the Old Clovis Antique Fair. I now fully understand the hierarchy of used goods from cheapest to priciest:

  • Garage/yard sales
  • Thrift stores
  • Craigslist
  • Estate sales
  • Anything with the word antique in it

Apparently you can sell an old beer bottle for $15 if you call it vintage. If you find it at the GDub, it’s probably 99 cents. And it just might have some beer at the bottom. So we saved our pennies and bought some kettle corn instead.

After a much needed nap, we took a quick picture (blast me for leaving my 50 mm at home!) and then had sushi. Then we cleaned out Alisha’s closet, which deserves its own post. So stay tuned for some fashion, friends!

Btw, we totally saw Kid n’ Play when we went to dinner. Good to know Kid is still rocking the fro!


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