Weekend in review

This was the longest weekend I’ve had in years! It seemed to go on and on, and that’s a good thing. It started off Friday at the Custom House in Avila Beach and then we went to see a show at Alex’s in Shell Beach. The crowd at Alex’s is, um, diverse. It’s like mixing up the tickets and having fans of Britney Spears, Steely Dan and Black Sabbath all show up at the same venue. And then watching them consume alcohol and mate. All this wildlife was extra vivid since I took one for the team and played chauffeur. Here I am with metal horns – balancing the evil with a peace sign.

After a lovely morning at work, Sean and I took the Volvo to get new tires. The tire man complimented me on my driving methods. He marvelled at the way I was able to take a 60,000 mile tire and make it last 86,000 miles. Skills, I tell ya. Skills. Also, lack of money.

We met up with Ben and Ashleigh for some wine tasting in Edna Valley. Our pictures are less than fab since the weather was quite blustery. But the Pinot was yummy, so who really cares?

We had dinner at Mo Tav (super delish, I will have to reassign this place as a restaurant and not just the location of 80’s night) and then saw Source Code. Sorry Jake, you’re nice to look at but your movie was dumb.

Sunday we hiked up Johnson Trail in San Luis. So absolutely gorgeous! I just can’t describe how much I love the rolling green hills. This was one of my favorite places ever, and we will definitely be going again.

Harper got a bath. And then she mashed through the cat door (open window) and ran her soaking little body through the house! It was quite comical to see her sliding across the living room with Sean in hot pursuit. Clean up was much less funny.

And no weekend would be complete without a fantastic Craigslist find! Meet our new vintage outdoor dining table! Soon she’ll be getting a makeover so she doesn’t leave white paint dust (probably the lead kind) on my pants. Only $45! Hope you had a fun weekend too!


One thought on “Weekend in review

  1. Shelly Swope says:

    can’t wait to see the table makeover! i have a fun table in my backyard that probably needs a solid sand and new coat of paint…we’ll save that for another weekend…

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