PB knockoff

I was at work a few weeks ago and I came across something called a leaf frame hanger. It’s basically a drawer pull that mounts on the wall and hangs a frame from a chain. And they’re $16 each. I thought, “Hey, I can make that!” So husband and I headed to Home Depot and $6 later, we have our own frame hangers! Bam!

PS These have been hanging for like 5 weeks. And they still have no photos in them. Not even the photos of strangers that come with the frame. I’ll have to get on that.


2 thoughts on “PB knockoff

    • Lisa says:

      These are awesome! Don’t feel too bad about the empty frames…we’ve got some in our front room that we haven’t filled since January. I just keep telling people that our long lost cousins are professional models… πŸ™‚

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