Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

Hey kids! It’s Thursday and you know what that means!


This thing I have about completely emptying my car every time I get home. I was trying to carry my camera, camera bag, cleats (yeah, I’m an athlete), purse, water bottle, sweatshirt, makeup bag and a pair of pumps up the stairs and I totally missed a step. The fall seemed to last about 10 seconds. I remember thinking, “save your Nikon!” as I chucked my camera bag to the landing before falling on my high heels and letting out a guttural sound. This sound is the most awkward part, especially since husband (who watched my graceful tumble) keeps finding ways to bring it up. “Buuuuh” is as close to the sound as I can spell. And “buuuuh” is what I hear every time we climb a set of stairs. Which happens often when you live in a 3 story house.

My friend Kenton (aka Kitten) at our softball game on Monday. He struck out. During slow pitch co-ed softball. Feel free to point and laugh. I know I did. 🙂

Finding my unmentionables on the lawn. Harper loves lace.

Self portrait with a 50mm.


Getting to work the SLO Bridal Fair this weekend!

Not having a single awkward at the yogurt place!

This warm weather we’ve been having. Love LOVE it!

Jesus! And this Easter season where we can remember that we have been saved by grace!


Have a great day!


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