One more reason why marriage is RAD!

We had our taxes done recently and were a little concerned about owing the IRS. I didn’t work much in 2010 (I was very busy being a stay at home bride) and we filed jointly for the first time. So Monday while we were sitting in the waiting room at Ray’s (Ray Buban, tax extraordinaire, call him 805.466.7249) eating loads of candy, we got the good news. And man was it good! Before we even made it to the car, it was spent!

On this gorgeous canopy bed from PB:

And this Stella and Dot necklace:

And a little trip to Rome to visit brother:

And these pumps:

Fun, right?! Wrong. I’m married to a very wise and financially savvy man. So no new furniture, no cute jewelry, no pizza in Italia, and no nude shoes. We’re saving it. All of it.

Dave Ramsey would be so proud.

PS Husband, if you’re reading this, I really like that necklace, in gold, with a 30 inch chain. Feel free to choose any color charm you like. πŸ™‚

PPS If you like the photo of that necklace (and you do since you have good taste) you should book a sesh with Danielle Capito. She’s rad. And I’m jealous of her skills.


3 thoughts on “One more reason why marriage is RAD!

  1. Shelly Swope says:

    dave ramsey WOULD be proud…and i’m surprised you’re into the canopy bed…i can’t for the LIFE of me figure out what on earth the giant posts are good for…hmmm…perhaps you can explain it to me!

  2. Jessica @ The Budget Savvy Bride says:

    you have major restraint but good for you guys!! I was worried we’d owe uncle sam a bajillion dollars too. Luckily we don’t owe and all the money we saved just in case is sitting there taunting me!!!

    PS I know a really cool S&D stylist… πŸ™‚

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