Weekend in review

Confession: It’s 11 am and I just got up. Mondays are one of my days off, and I can’t thank my former self enough for having the foresight to request such a brilliant schedule. I think a little rest after the weekend should be a requirement.

Friday was my mother in laws birthday and I decided to bake her a cake, which turned out to be quite labor intensive. I grew up with cake from a box (and loved each and every bite of it!) but Husband’s mom is a cake-from-scratch sort of girl. Let’s just say I used every SINGLE bowl in our kitchen, and when I was done whipping up the homemade icing, our dark counter tops had a light coating of powdered sugar. As did the dog. And everything else within 20 ft of that mixing bowl. But the cake turned out yummy (my unrefined palette still loves Funfetti) and I frosted it like Hillary Duff’s wedding cake. But then Husband came home and frosted the rest of it, so I’ll just show you what I was going for.

Baker McBakerson

Harper loves birthdays!

Saturday I had to work, but I did make a pit stop at World Market. You should go to there. I found about 12 Pottery Barn product look alikes for cheap. I also found some gorgeous outdoor cushions for $10.

Saturday night I met up with Husband and Kitten (the guy who struck out at our co ed softball game) for dinner and a little Black Sheep. I acknowledged two things that night:

1. I am too old to go out because I can’t sop commenting on how young everyone looks and how short all those skirts are getting

2. I would much rather be at home in my sweats playing Bomberman with my lover; college is over, Amber

Sunday was the San Luis Obispo Bridal Fair and Pottery Barn had a booth. It was a lot of work, but fun catching up with old friends and friendors. And I passed out lots of cards. Bonus! Aprilllll and I have one photo of our booth, but it’s blurry. Brides beware of the photographer who was across from us… he’s no good.

And after the fair, something magic happened. Husband made dinner while I read all about Reese’s wedding. Best spaghetti I’ve ever had. 🙂



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