Weekend in review

Why are weekends so short?! America should adopt a 4/3 work week; I’m going to write a letter.

Anyhoo, Saturday Husband and I made some progress on our patio table project. I wanted to paint it black, but Husband wanted to keep it white. So we compromised and bought a few cans of bronze spray paint. We also went to Big Lots for a 9′ market umbrella. I’ve been pricing these guys for a while, and Big Lots was much cheaper than Costco, PB, World Market, Home Depot and Target- only $50! But when we put the thing up, the wood pole was already splitting and the tilt mechanism was iffy looking. So back it goes. BUT, we did buy some wonderful cafe lights – $12 for 40 feet! Since the lights and the patio set were such a good buy, maybe we’ll splurge on the Pottery Barn umbrella in fresca blue.

Sunday we hiked Johnson Trail with RyRy and Taylor. Lovely view and the weather was gorgeous! We followed up our exercise with lunch, my favorite part. Gus’ was yummy as usual!

PS This picture is not processed. The sky really was that blue.

After the hike I took a long and somewhat sweaty nap, and we finished the weekend by having dinner at our favorite restaurant with our favorite Kenton. So there you have it. Happy Monday!


One thought on “Weekend in review

  1. Shelly Swope says:

    i’m almost glad to hear that the big lots umbrella was a bust – that would have basically negated all my beliefs about how pottery barn actually IS better even though it’s WAY more money!
    ps ry ry…do you really call him that. i just threw up in my mouth. literally.

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