Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

Enjoy these little tidbits, would ya?


Standing in the hall (aka laundry room) in my undies when the Yellow Pages guy rings the doorbell. He sees me, then looks down and pretends he didn’t see me, and then walks away with his head hung in shame. And I stand there embarassed, but at least no one is trying to sell me ad space.

Being 29 and still biting your nails like a third grader! I know it’s gross but I Just.Can’t.Stop!

Walking downtown with 5 shopping bags when a homeless guy asks if you can spare any change. You either lie and say you can’t spare a nickel (and maybe you can’t since you just spent all your nickels on the most amazing flowy dress) or you fumble with all your baggage trying to dig your wallet out of your receipt infested purse. I say both score equally on the awkward meter.


Those hair feather extensions. I’m totally getting one! In teal, no brown, no teal! Yes, definitely teal!

Going home this weekend to see the fam! And the bomb ham I’m sure mom will make!

Easter! And the fact that Jesus conquered death to give us new life! Most awesome news ever!

If you’re in SLO, you should check out our church, Mountainbrook. They have a lovely and moving sunrise service… totally worth getting up early!

Happy Resurrection Day!


2 thoughts on “Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

  1. Shelly Swope says:

    awesome. my amazing friend shelly swope lives in san diego and i’ll get to see her after i put on my yoga pants to give me a little more wiggle room from the previously consumed bomb ham. seriously legit.

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