Awkward and Awesome Thursday!


Walking into a public restroom stall and seeing that there’s something still in the toilet. Now there are two types of people in this world: leavers and flushers. I’m a leaver because I can’t stand the thought of flushing someone else’s stuff and having all those germs swirl around me. Maybe germs don’t work that way, but I still bail.

Searching Costco for the cheapest item to buy so I can renew my membership and get gas. And then checking out with my new paperback entitled What Dogs Think only to have the cashier tell me that all my wandering was in vain. I renewed by mail.

Close talkers. You know the ones. They get so close they can see inside your pores.

Hanging out at home in your unflattering sweat pants watching Laguna Beach reruns when your husband comes home, with a friend, and his wife. Busted.

Hound ears. Uncontrollably awkward. But so so cute.


Getting carded.

Clean sheets. Especially the flannel kind. Nothing beats the feeling of getting into a freshly laundered bed after a long day of Costco shopping and Laguna Beach watching.

Waking up early to sit in the morning sun and drink green while reading a devotional book. This sounds so awesome I just might try to get up early tomorrow and do it.

In-N-Out neapolitan shakes! Who knew?!

Neither Awkward nor Awesome:

This truck. Just plain dumb.


4 thoughts on “Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

  1. Amanda says:

    Is that truck down the street from your parents house? If not, we saw one very similar after Easter and pointed out how outta control it was!

    p.s. You should try a root beer float at in-n-out too!

  2. Lisa says:

    Hahaha..I’m a leaver too! I feel like flushing stirs up all the crap back into the air & I don’t want to be breathing that in!

    And I agree…clean sheets are the awesomest thing EVER!

  3. Shelly Swope says:

    laugh at this: my mom told me she bought the softest set of sheets EVER at Costco the other day…400 thread count…big spender. BUT dad can’t stop complaining about them because they’re so smooth mom keeps stealing the covers when she rolls over – apparently the old sheets were so rough the covers would stick and he kept his! hahahaha! oh mom and dad. invest in the thread count. it’s a LOT of your life!)

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