Royal Wedding!

If you’re a romantic like me (and don’t work early on Fridays) you stayed up late last night to watch the most spectacular wedding of our lifetime! I set my alarm for 2:30 am and curled up on the couch to enjoy the show over a bowl of Frosted Mini Wheats. I was strangely excited for the event; who doesn’t love a wedding?! Kate Middleton seems like the most lovely girl in the world, and I was just dying to know what style gown she would choose. I watched their engagement interview this week (the one where she’s wearing that gorgeous blue Issa dress) and William emanated sincerity and kindness while Kate appeared genuinely happy to have met her best friend. So I sacrificed sleep to watch the union that will modernize the royal family.

I placed bets on her dress and lost (but I won the hair bet because I knew she would wear it down since she always wears in down… seriously, try to find a picture with it up… she must have weird ears or something). I pictured her in a fitted lace gown to show off her amazing figure. I was a little bummed to see she chose such a traditional silhouette. But then again, had she arrived in a mermaid gown like her Maid of Honor Pippa, it would have lacked the drama needed to fill the space. I’m sure she struggled between what she wanted to wear and what she needed to wear. But she looked absolutely stunning! She could have walked down the aisle in a gunny sack and still looked like a princess. And at least you would have been able to see her fantastic legs…


You should read this little bit about their kiss. Super sweet.

Happy Wedding Day, William and Kate! Enjoy your party with P-Diddy!


One thought on “Royal Wedding!

  1. Shelly Swope says:

    she looked GORG for sure! and yes she needed that 8 ft or was it 12 ft? train to create enough drama in Westminster Abbey. there is a tiny part of me that wonders if perhaps Pippa (ps can we just talk about who got the good name in THAT family – phillipa, really?!?!!) was dressed in her dream dress while she wore regality…hmmm…ps can we also agree that Harry is the hot prince for sure…William used to be, by MY OH MY Harry looked GOOD!

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