Love Fest

Husband took me to Carmel last weekend to celebrate our first year of wedded bliss and we made lots of fun memories! And before you ask, we made no babies. There, that’s settled.

On Friday night we had dinner at Rio and it was incredible! Grandma Mary treated us and we had a splendid time feasting on barbecued artichokes, mahi mahi and ten-dollar margaritas. And we found out that Mary is quite the artiste. She drew a lovely portrait of Marilyn Monroe with an orange crayon.

Saturday morning we hit up the Monterey Bay Aquarium. We’re not aquarium people. But we stayed anyway and did enjoy the sea otters and penguins. It started to get crowded with children, so we headed over to the gift shop and bought a Christmas tree ornament. I want to have one for every anniversary trip… our tree is going to be covered in Hawaiian and Italian charms. Hint hint, husband.

We spent the rest of the day shopping and something odd happened: Sean encouraged me to buy things! This NEVER happens! So naturally, I found nothing! Save a super cute bracelet from F21. I finally get the green light to spend money, and I get as far as $8. Poor performance.

Saturday night we dined at another fabulous restaurant recommended by my friend Jael. Demetra is a small Mediterranean restaurant with big charm! Someone was celebrating a birthday, so after a 12 minute birthday song, everyone in the place was up and dancing and playing tambourines. And when the staff caught wind that there was a couple celebrating an anniversary, the cook came out and stunned us all with a fantastic rendition of Besame Mucho. This place was fantastic and you must visit!

After dinner we met up with an old friend of mine for some drinks. Jenna hooked us up with free aquarium tickets and free drinks! I’m so glad we reconnected this weekend! But seriously, I am. πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to see you Memorial Day!

Sunday we took a nice drive through Pacific Grove and Downtown Carmel. I got a lovely green hoodie (it will be my camping hoodie… so excited to store some clothes in the rig!) and Sean got a wallet and sunglasses. We came home Sunday afternoon in time to have dinner at our favorite restaurant. As we walked to the door of Margaritas, Sean commented on how many times that restaurant saved our relationship. It’s true. Whenever we would have serious fights, we would go to Margaritas and just being there (with Javier, server extraordinaire) reminded us of the good times we’ve had and how much we love each other. I recommend you get a restaurant like this for you and your honey.

We finished the night with a big slice of wedding cake. Not our actual wedding cake; we ate that tradition on our first month anniversary. But I did order a fresh version of our wedding cake from the same bakery: white cake with raspberry filling. Since Sean didn’t get any dessert on our wedding day, he was happy to finally have a piece.

Okay, if you’re still reading this, you deserve a prize. I will brag on Sean just a bit more and tell you that he gave me the most thoughtful card in the world… I will cherish it forever. And when he asked for my hand under the table, he slipped me a little box. And in that box was the Stella & Dot necklace I posted about! Thank you, Jessica, for helping him out! And thanks, lover, for being such an honest, devoted, loving and generous husband. I love you and cannot wait to make more memories with you!


3 thoughts on “Love Fest

  1. Anitra Stanton says:

    oh my gosh, you are precious and adorable. i am so glad you and Sean had an amazing 1st year Anniversary celebration and pray for many more to come! love you both!

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