Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

Thursday is my favorite day because I get to share the random stuff that happens to me all week. And I know weird stuff happens to you too. So start a blog so I can laugh my way to Friday!


Meeting a nice couple at dinner and saying good-bye as we leave the restaurant and head to our cars. Except our cars are apparently parked in the same lot. Do we keep talking, or fall back, or pretend our car is parked the other way?!

My on-location reporter jacket, says Sean. I love that jacket and think it super chic! PS I’m holding an air microphone if you couldn’t tell.

When someone demands a day-of timeline 3 months before their wedding. And then when you produce said timeline they ask you how accurate it is since the wedding is so far off.

Trying to turn on the heater in your hotel room for a good 7 minutes. When you’re sure it’s broken, you call the night manager and he comes to your room and flips some magical button to make it work. And you’re standing there like a dummy in your pajamas.




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