Those of you who know me, know that I’m a nail biter. Ever since I was 3 I’ve been chewing my nails. Sick, I know.

I’ve always been ashamed of my unkempt nails so I decided to take control! Now that I have these little lovelies on the ends of my fingertips, I realize there is an entire world of nail fashion that I’ve been missing!

I remember when black was in, but I never could enjoy that trend since I only had little nubbins. The nice lady at Sephora told me that grey is the style now. But I’m pretty sure that it’s SUMMER and I say color is in order. Or glitter. Or both!

So here’s what I came up with at lunch.

If you’re a Dexter fan, you’ll notice that my hand looks a lot like the one from the ice truck killer season. So to avoid looking like a one-handed call girl, I’m removing everything but the coral. How cute is that color? It’s appropriately called How Cute Is That? by OPI for Sephora. Click on that smudge for an entire line of nail colors. I want them all!

So thanks for reading this nonsense about my nails. I’m a little dumber for writing it. And you’re really nice for reading it.


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