I’m sure you remember each and every topic I discuss here at style:thrifted. So, I figured I’d update you on some projects that I told you about way back when. Buckle up, this is going to be a really really good post.

First, remember when you voted on which runner we should put in our entry hall? I didn’t ignore you; I went out and bought the jute runner! But I didn’t like it. Most runners are 8-9 feet long, which means they’re just a wee bit too short to fit correctly in our space. And boy, did we try. But no matter how we fudged it, the runner just hit at the wrong spot. So thanks for all your opinions! But we’re going bare until we’re super rich and can have a custom Ikat print runner made from clouds and cotton.

Remember when I posted pictures of our finally finished patio table and then I promised to post another picture “tomorrow”? Well, tomorrow it started to rain. And I’m not the type to let my new PB umbrella live in the elements. So I (Sean) took everything inside and never had a chance to take that better photo. And since the weather has been so wonky around here, I haven’t put everything back out yet. But someday I will and then you’ll get that photo you’re chomping at the bit to see. πŸ™‚

Finally, thanks for all the votes on how we should spend our PB rewards certificate. Sean doesn’t love the capiz pendant (entryway lighting is a fight disagreement that has been going on for months… I think our entry is tall enough for a hanging light and Sean swears a flush mount is best… he’s almost always right, so no super chic shell light for me) and apparently you can’t use your rewards at West Elm because you’ll get fired. So… that leaves the lamps. Now I just need to wait until they go on sale!

There you are, my friends. All updated. Now I’m off to run some errands and hopefully have some awkward/awesome things happen to me so I can tell you about them tomorrow!



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