Awkward and Awesome Thursday!


Shopping for bathing suits! Worse than jean shopping. Worse than any kind of shopping really. PS Target, your suits are cute, but WHY am I wearing an XL bottom and a L top?! You have obviously mis-sized your product when a B cup girl is wearing anything boasting the word large.

Watching TV with your lover and your pup when all of a sudden a rotten smell engulfs you. Lover asks if it was you or the dog, and you honestly don’t know.

Asking shoppers at Pottery Barn if they need help and they immediately look frightened, as if I asked them to give me a kidney. Let me help you, lady. I have excellent taste and I won’t bite.

Realizing that I have a permanent wrinkle on my forehead. I do my best not to make facial expressions so it won’t get worse. Acting surprised is tricky, but it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make.


Costco. Their samples, their chocolate chip cookies, their gigantic carts that are just waiting to be filled with $300 worth of bulk necessities!

Double date night with friends who like celeb trivia, iPhone technology, and fantastic hair!

Pedicures! I’m getting my first one of the season tomorrow with mom and Manda!

Pretty much anything Harper does. That includes attacking water shooting from a hose.


Have a good Thursday!


One thought on “Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

  1. Kristin A says:

    More awkward: Bathing suit shopping AFTER you’ve weaned your third child. Where did they go? My stomach now officially sticks out farther than the ladies. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Would do it again in a heartbeat though…. the nursing, not the shopping.
    p.s. love your HILARIOUS blog

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