Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

I can’t believe it’s already Thursday! Time flies when you have Monday and Wednesday off. 🙂


The new style for ladies: super blousy sheer tops that hit right above your belly button. No good for girls with hips. Guess I’m off trend again. Boo.

That moment when you see sirens in your rear view mirror and you FREAK OUT because you just got a speeding ticket and you’re only going 68! Since when is 3 over worth a citation?! Apparently it’s not, because those sirens weren’t meant for you. Now relax and stop sweating, spaz.

Buying a soda from the gas station attendant and he says you look hot. You blush. Then he asks if it’s still 99 degrees outside. You rationalize that you weren’t blushing, you were flushing, because of the heat and all.

Telling someone you just graduated from Poly. In fact, you graduated more than half a decade ago. Time flies when you’re old. And now we’ve come full circle.


Peonies at Costco for cheap!

My new old David Crowder CD! I received this album from my roommate Kelli when I was in college and it was one of my favorites! It was stolen from my Honda about 7 years ago… that thief probably got saved seeing as how all the music he took was Christian. And N’Sync.

The Brog fam! Miss them a lot!


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