Things that bug

Sorry for my lack of posting this week. I’m incredibly busy and important.

And in my busy-ness I have been making a mental list of things that annoy me. And if you’ve ever lived with me, you know how long that list can be. My mom even has a special way of saying the word annoying when I’m around. I believe it comes from my years as a teenager screaming over the railing for her to turn the TV down… I have delicate sleeping needs.

Anyway, here’s the list. PS I’m totally not in a bad mood. In fact, I’m in an awesome mood because I just made brownies and I licked the bowl and the spoon. Bam!

List of things that annoy me:

(since you totally care, but you must since you’re still reading)

  • Red cars
  • People who insist on putting their kid/pet/kid with pet as their Facebook profile picture
  • The way… Obama… talks…
  • Lazy eyes (I can complain about this because I have a wonky eye! But I took care of it so you know which eye to look in. You’re welcome.)
  • Words like moist and tender
  • When people say over exaggerate
  • Pedestrians who stand on the very edge of the curb while waiting to cross the street
  • Strollers
  • Dogs in strollers
  • The way Trader Joe’s parking lots are always so tiny
  • Bill Paxton!
  • The smell of lavender

So you better not drive your red, lavender scented car to my house and over exaggerate a story about how you got hit by a side mirror while you were waiting to cross the street on your way to rent Big Love. Deal? Deal.


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