Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

Hello friends. Last night I made dinner and brownies and today I vacuumed. Wifely duties – check. Sun bathing – on it.


Having security at the “club” practically break down the door to the bathroom stall you’re in with 3 other girls. Apparently you can’t show your new boobs to your friends without someone thinking you’re doing drugs. Fresno. PS I was looking not showing. Trust me, if I had work done you would be the first to know!

When well-meaning cashiers try to get friendly by using my first name (Amber is my alias). Calling me Alison I understand, but Allie is just presumptuous.

Getting all excited to tell someone about the funny thing that happened to me the other day. And before I can finish, they interrupt with this: I know. I read about it on your blog.

Co-worker: Hi. Welcome to Pottery Barn. How are you today?

Rude lady: Fine. You?

Co-worker: I’m doing great!

Rude lady: Really? You don’t look that great.


Husband coming home from a jog and telling me to hurry and get in the truck before someone else grabs the free coffee table down the street. Match made in heaven.

Glitter polish! No way are my nails making it to my mouth when they feel all gritty. Besides, I like my grill glitter-free.

The cashier at Vons saying “thank you, Mr. Brackrog,” to Sean as he pays for our groceries with my Vons card. It’s weird, but I like it.

One shoulder tees! I probably should have saved my collection from middle school, but I doubt off the shoulder tees with tweety bird graphics are still chic.

Hope you have a wonderful Thursday!


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