Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

Yo yo yo! Time for some A&A!


What I like to call the soda machine dance. You’re filling your cup with ice and some random swoops in and goes for the Coke, which is right next to the ice. Then your hand hairs touch and you feel gross. Hey Crowder McCrowderson, please maintain at least 2 soda flavors between our cups.

This lady at Ikea wearing no pants! Sean didn’t point her out until she was so far away that I would have had to trample children and cheap furnishings to get a picture. Husband fail.

Stuff that happens to your insides when you have chili for dinner 2 nights in a row. Gastrointestinal fail.

When you see a friend at a wedding and she says, “Hi! Repeating dresses, huh?” Well yes. I’m not Sienna Miller.

Meeting a baby with an awful name! Who knew you could make a hybrid of Julia and Crystal? Jurystal. Nice. Wonder which club she’ll “dance in when she grows up.

Learning that I walk like a cross between a husky supermodel and a sleepwalker. Rad.


The fact that awkward stuff happens to me all week! It’s like the heavens know I have to deliver on Thursdays. Thank you, heavens.

The fact that Auggie only pooped on our bed while we were out of town. Thoughtful little cat. She’s for sale, btw. LMK.

My iPhone. I know, I’ve tooted the iPhone horn a lot lately. But that phone bought my mom and I 3 hours of uninterrupted furniture shopping! Fruit ninja = distracted husband = #winning.

This license plate AND the friend who “had to tail this car for 4 blocks before we hit a red light that stayed red long enough for me to get my phone out, focus, zoom, and snap that sucka.  All for you.” Thanks, Autumn! Most awesome thing of the week!


2 thoughts on “Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

  1. shelly swope says:

    SORRY about the repeating dress comment – i didn’t mean for it to be awkward! it’s just SO STINKING CUTE that i noticed it…twice! 🙂 and at least i can say i made the blog – right – even if it was the awkward portion!

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