Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

Be forewarned, I’ve spent a lot of time at work this week so I managed to miss out on lots of awkwardness. So share your own, why dontcha?


The way I cross my fingers and hope that people won’t ask if gift wrap is complimentary. It’s not, btw. Wrap your own freakin’ present!

Going to the happiest place on earth (that would be Target, folks) and checking out with Stu. He bags all my goodies and ties each and every bag into a double knot. Weird. And frustrating when I get home and frantically try to get to my Doritos!

The aftermath of eating a HUGE bag of raisins. No bueno.

Santa Harry emailing me 7 times in the past 2 days! We ran into him at McDonald’s last Christmas Eve (we classy) and took a picture with him. I sent him a copy way back in December and never heard a ho. Suddenly he needs that picture and emails me every hour! AND HIS CAPS LOCK KEY IS OBVIOUSLY STUCK!


Heading to SD this weekend! Congrats Jenny and Josh!

Buying things online and forgetting about them until the UPS man rings your door bell. Then getting excited all over again!

Target in SLO! That is one box store I don’t mind ruining my view.


Have a good weekend, my friends! xoxo



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