Awkward and Awesome Thursday!


Walking down the street and the person next to me says, “Hello!” So I smile and say “hi.” But they’re on their phone and that friendly greeting wasn’t for me. To make me feel extra embarrassed, the guy next to us chimes in with, “well, that was awkward.” Yes sir, it was.

Learning that I’m not anonymous at the donut store. When I came up 50 cents short for my pink box of goodness, the nice lady says, “No worry. I see you tomawwow.” And she did. 😦

Having friends over for dinner and slightly undercooking the steak. It’s frightening to see the blood drain from your friend’s face at the site of the rare meat you just plopped on his plate. Be grateful. Children in Africa don’t have enough raw cow to eat.

Trying to learn Google Plus. I think I’m stretched to the social media limit.

Portraits with a fisheye:


The California Mid State Fair! I love me some bacon wrapped anything!

Lady Antebellum – see you tonight! Woot! Grab a tissue because this stuff is hilarious!


One thought on “Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

  1. shelly swope says:

    i seriously had to stop and contemplate WHO that was in the picture with you! ha! the fish eye really makes David Butler look COMPLETELY different.
    ps even in the fisheye your eye make up looks AMAZING!!! good work!

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