Awkward and Awesome Thursday!


Deciding that your hair would look much cuter in this pony tail if you just trimmed some “bangs.” Now I have a huge chunk of short hair that is not quite bangs and not quite anything else.

After-vitamin pee. Should it be so neon?!

Running into your husband’s super wonderful ex girlfriend. The awkward part is not seeing her, but trying to figure out how to ask her to be your friend. Because she is super nice and I think we could be best friends. So call me!

Facebook albums that include ALL the pictures from your weekend. “Here’s me getting into position. Here’s me smiling. Here’s me smiling again. Here’s me smiling with my eyes closed. Here’s me smiling. Here’s me smiling while making you bored to tears!”

Sean using my 4th grade photo as his PS3 wallpaper. That’s hot.


Illustrator! Did I say that already?

Funny things Sean says: “How come some stuff is yours and some stuff is ours, but nothing is mine?” Β Um, that’s easy. It’s because you’re married.

Booking a wedding from our SMP feature! Woot!

My super cute new wallet from Urban. No checkbook holder, but apparently only women over the age of 40 carry those things anymore.

I’m going to post an old picture for Flashback Friday. Get ready. It’ll blow your socks off!

Well, probably not. But come back anyway because Sean loves hearing, “I got 146 blog visits today!”


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