Junk driving

Sean doesn’t really care what our house looks like (when we first met, he had orange carpet and a sleeping bag instead of sheets). He does, however, care about his wife, and she cares what our house looks like. Sean also cares about saving money, which is something that wife of his doesn’t give a lick about. So in the spirit of compromise, Sean works hard at finding things that are both cheap and chic. The other day he was driving around and found this little gem. Free. Bam.

We’ve been using a dining table (another junk driving find!) to support our behemoth of a television and it was time for an update. So he gave this baby a once-over and now our house looks a little more homey and a little less like it’s inhabited by homies.

So until the day that I can buy this, our little TV stand is just perfect. ๐Ÿ™‚


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