Awkward and Awesome Thursday!


When you try to give a teammate a high-five but they suddenly turn around. So you have to decide: are you that guy who taps them on the back so they can see that you’ve been left hanging, or do you turn that high-five into a big thumbs up and wave at all around like that’s what you intended to do the whole time.

Using a public restroom that isn’t fresh smelling. And feeling so embarrassed when you leave that you let everyone in line know that “it wasn’t me.”

When you’re all alone and you think it’s safe to let one go and then someone turns the corner and walks right into it! This is awkward at home, and much much more awkward at work. So I hear.


Being a bridesmaid! Congrats Amy and Tim!

Climbing a fence because the neighbor kid is too big of a baby to do it! I can’t really move today, but I’m one BA adult! Yeah!

My new lens! Who wants to model?! PS Anyone want to buy my 50 mm 1.8D?

Have a good Thursday!


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