Privacy, please

This is another trailer post. I apologize in advance to those of you who prefer to see photos of me looking silly. All that nonsense will return soon enough.

I’m learning more about trailer-hood than I ever thought possible. For example, the curtains in most RVs run on a track. A really expensive track. Not an option for us. After we tossed our dusty blue blinds (dusty as in color and filth) I realized that the rig had no other means of privacy. I was tempted to leave the windows bare so as to increase the number of awkward stories to share on Thursdays, but then I realized that it’s not so awkward for me to be hanging out in my trailer wearing only my retainer; it’s much more awkward for those camping nearby. Let’s cover up, shall we?

We went to Home Depot and bought a cafe rod to test. Cheap, like I like. But then the wannabe interior designer in me had a mild tantrum at the idea of having pole top drapes in my camper. I’m not a pole top fan for two reasons: first, I don’t like how the fabric at the top gets all bunchy; and second, they’re pretty annoying to open.

Pole top… not my taste.

Clip rings. Much better.

Thus began the search for my favorite invention (after Etsy, of course), the clip ring. We have these on all the panels in our house. Not only do they look fancy (mmm hmmm) but they make opening and closing curtains a breeze! BUT, the cafe rods are 7/16″ diameter, and the smallest clip ring I could find was 1″. That is until I swallowed my pride and headed to Wal Mart, the only place in town that has decor made specifically for trailers.

It was a successful trip because I found cafe curtain clips! They’re not as nice as real clip rings, but hopefully they will serve their purpose. Otherwise, steer clear of our campsite. Unless you enjoy watching people floss.


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