Awkward and Awesome Thursday!


The 17 different ways I misspell awakward.

Explaining to the vet that Harper keeps licking her lady business. She hollers, “Um, do you mean vagina?!” Well, yes. You don’t have to get all graphic.

Walking out of a bar after a softball celebration in my game jersey. These guys are oogling the nearly naked girls in front of me, and one guy looks at me and says, “Sporty Spice was the ugly one.” Fair. However, you MAN just made a Spice Girls reference, so who’s the biggest loser in the world?

Buying a bra at Victoria’s Secret, for two reasons:

1. Having to get measured the second you walk in the door. My girls have not grown since I bought my last push up, so back off. Trust me when I say I would notice er, improvements.

2. Trying on bras from the “bra box” which is really just a box of the filthiest bras that have been tried on by every 34C in SLO.


Pink team kicking red buns in the championship game! What?!

Borrowing large print books from the library. It makes me feel good when I read 57 pages instead of 12.

Knowing that in approximately 13 days, I can open my Fall storage bins and decorate the entire house with pumpkins and leafy garlands! Sean is delighted!

Our pup.


Enjoy your day!


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