Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

Hey y’all. Still no Internet but that doesn’t mean I can’t be a little awkward. So let us commence.


Telling my friend that I think Julia Stiles isn’t so cute anymore. Then some other girl chimes in with, “But you look JUST like her!”

Wearing a dress to work that is slightly shorter than normal and thinking, “this should be fine; it’s not like I ever bend over.” Except that yesterday I did have to bend over, all day long. It’s like the customers knew my dilemma and were dropping things on purpose, just to laugh while I tried in vain not to expose myself.

Trying to find a way to pick up decorative turkey pieces off the floor while wearing a too-short dress. Basically impossible to look like a lady. So I went out and bought leggings. Day saved. And coincidentally, nothing else was dropped after I was dressed to perform the perfect bend and snap.


Costco! My whole day revolves around that magical trip.

Internet AND TV scheduled for install on Monday! Woot!

Fall! Looks like it, smells like it. Best.season.period.

Beach camping! Leaving later and so so ready for one last jaunt in the sand!


See you guys next week!


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