I’m an inventor

Sean is working out of town this week, so Harper and I are left to our own devices. Which is fine with her because I let her sleep in the bed so we can snuggle.

With all this extra alone time on my hands, I came up with a fall fashion invention.

I hate jeggings because they sag in the crotch and don’t give my buns the support they like. And I hate skinny jeans because nothing is more uncomfortable than super tight denim cutting off circulation to your ankles.

So, why not combine the waist and thigh of a skinny jean with the calf of a jegging? We’ll call them Skineggings and they’ll be fabulous! Now you can tuck your Skineggings into your boots without strangling your ankles, and you don’t have to wear tunic length tops to cover your spandex clad bum!

I realize this invention is basically the reverse of maternity jeans, but when brilliance strikes, you write it down!

So, all you hotties rocking your tall boots, just wait until next Fall. I’m working on a prototype now. The fashion world is about to get more comfortable!


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