Etsy love

February counts as spring, right? Time to start freshening our space with some colorful art!

We currently have about 174 photos of us around our house. That’s way too much of my face on the walls. So I headed over to Etsy to find some prints to replace our portraits and discovered LilyGene. I just love her designs! So simple, so fresh, and so customizable! I chose crisp and sunshine for my prints.

I also found a print for our ever-evolving mantle. I just love all the colors! I’ve been searching for pillows for our new sofa, and this provides plenty of color inspiration. And I’m not sure where I’ll put this little gem, but Pride and Prejudice is my all time favorite story! In fact, Darcy is on our potential baby name list. Maybe it will end up in the nursery. 🙂

So when you’re done wasting time here, head over to Etsy and call it a night. 🙂


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