Awkward and Awesome Thursday!


The 37 pictures you have to take of yourself before you find the one where you look skinny.

Sean finding the 36 rejects and questioning why I didn’t post the one where my belly looks the biggest. Silly question.

Looking up any uncomfortable ailment in the Pregnancy Book and learning that it’s normal. Since when is having heartburn, a backache, and bloody nose simultaneously considered normal?

When the checker at Target tries to mash all your items into one huge and ridiculously heavy bag. I appreciate you saving the environment and all, but milk and Tide should never go in the same bag. Because now I need to buy paper towels to sop up the milky blue lake that I just created steps from your register.


Time change making evenings with husband and dog soooo much better!

Waiting by the door for our crib to arrive! Oh how the mighty (baby scoffers) fall. 🙂

Cheerios! With strawberries! I eat you for every meal!

Have a good day!


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