Awkward and Awesome Thursday!


When you and your husband are dressed like twins but you don’t realize it until you get to the dog park. Grey sweatshirts – check. Grey athletic pants – check. Grey undershirts – Check.

People who wear head-to-toe grey.

Getting whistled at as you step out of your car. And then watching the poor fool’s face as your pregnant belly comes into view. Bet you wish you could take back that whistle!

Having an emotional breakdown at the Animal Shelter. Like, shaking and crying and can’t.get.a.word.out.breakdown. Someone get this crazy lady a chair and a box of tissues, breakdown. Auggie, come home!


Overhearing your husband on the phone. When he’s talking about you. And saying sweet things about how you look cute pregnant.

Harry Potter! I just finished the last book and loved every minute of it!

Second shooting my first wedding on Saturday with this awesome girl! Ohmygoshsoexcited!

Shopping for the baby boy! I get to dress him in pieces that Sean would never wear. I’m currently stockpiling plaid shorts, argyle sweaters, and hoodies with animal ears.

Hurley onesies from TJMaxx. $12.99 for a 5 pack!


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