Naming baby

After many months of coercion, begging, and a little bribery, I’ve finally convinced Sean that Mickey is not a suitable name for our boy. He’s still mourning the loss but it’s for the better. No one named Mickey McGaughey will ever become CEO of a Fortune 500 company. Sorta like girls with certain names Crystal/Angel almost always end up as “dancers.” I don’t make the rules but I do intend to follow them.

Anyway, Sean has decided that since Mickey is out, his backup name is in. Look out world, Batman McGaughey is arriving this July!

Yeah, you read that right. Batman. As in the tight-wearing super hero. I didn’t realize I was married to a 6th grader until it came time to name our offspring. Sean is convinced that Batman is!

So it looks like I better get to work on my coercion, begging and bribery skills. Otherwise I’ll have to learn how to make capes and re-re-decorate the nursery in shades of black.

Although, come to think of it, wasn’t Bruce Wayne a CEO/billionaire? I bet he took good care of his mom. 🙂


One thought on “Naming baby

  1. April buckingham says:

    Ohhhhh good lord!! Well if u could convince him that Mickey was a bad choice u can do this too:)))) Godspeed my friend!!

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