Awkward and Awesome Thursday!


Asking the train conductor to re-open the exit door because you’re fat and weak and didn’t make it down the stairs with your luggage in the 3 seconds the door was open.

Driving the exact same speed as the guy in the lane next to you. For like, miles. No matter how I adjust, he does the same. It reminds me of elementary school swing sets. Get out of my shower!

Bending over to pick up Harper’s poop when Sean asks why I’m bending over like that – feet spread wide, hand on hip for support, bending at the waist and groaning. Because that’s how pregnant ladies pick stuff up. No more super sexy bend and snap. PS From now on, poo duty is all yours, sweetheart.

Realizing that it’s safer to sit in the tub to shave your legs because balancing on one foot is no longer possible. What is happening to me?!

Wearing horizontal stripes while expecting. How come no one told me I look like a big jail-bird?!


My sister, the DOCTOR! Very proud of you, BJ!

Everything about being at Casa de Brog for a week! Mama Brog knows how to take care of her babies!

Coming home from a week out of town and seeing your husband! And feeling your baby do crazy spin moves because he missed that voice too.

When Sean has a random Wednesday off work. It’s so much more fun to play on weekdays!

Maternity sessions with mamas who are actually glowing, as opposed to mamas like me who are just sweaty.



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