Flashback Friday

Remember that time when I was skinny…

And I didn’t have to wear elastic waist pants or slather my body in oils in hopes of avoiding stretch marks? I could shop at regular stores like Banana Republic and wear the lovely floral creations of Lauren Conrad. I could rock a 3-inch heel all day and my only pair of flats were for the beach. I could make mid-day margaritas and sit in the sunshine while reading the latest issue of People. I could remember where I stashed my keys, and I thought breast shields were part of a Halloween costume.

Ahhh, those days are long gone.

So friends, take time to appreciate your current hotness and enjoy Spring’s latest fashions. Because when you’re pregnant:

your favorite outfit quickly becomes your husband’s pajamas

your midwife tells you to lose the Β wedges

you have stacks and stacks of baby books cluttering your nightstand

your brain stops working

sun makes you sweaty

and you can forget tequila.


On the bright side, I eat what I want!

Have a great Memorial Day! And drink a strawberry margarita for me!


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