Awkward and Awesome Thursday!


Pregnant ladies who wear bikinis.

Pregnant ladies who wear bikinis and don’t put on any sunscreen, thus burning the top half of their swollen bellies.

Sean’s sunburn. I was trying to conserve sunscreen and only slathered his upper back. His lower back burn matches my upper belly burn.

Using the bathroom at the hospital and not realizing that the “floor pedal flusher” is really the over-head shower starter. Soaked and humiliated.


Watching three 20-somethings at the pool oogling your husband. And then watching as they lean in for what I’m sure were critical whispers as he gave me, the pregnant bikini-clad lady, a kiss. Take that, skinnies!

Being DONE with our trips to the Valley. Love you friends, but it’s so hot where you live!

Getting ready for our garage sale! It feels so good to de-clutter!

Harper the dog. She loves her dad.

Enjoy your Thursday!


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