Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

Our little doglet and her wonky eye. She cut her cornea, and I’m pretty sure it was from whipping herself in the eye with her tail. I can’t help but make pirate jokes whenever I see her.

Pretty much every single movement I make. Walking-awkward. Bending-awkward. Breathing-strained and awkward.

Bursting into tears in the card aisle at Target as Sean reads a Father’s Day card. Zero emotional control this week. What a fun game!

Feeling so chic in your new hat until you realize the tag is dangling off the back. Hot mess. Hot. Mess.

The advantages of being pregnant. People are so nice! Today a lady gave me her shopping cart so I didn’t have to walk 4 feet to get my own. And a man let me cut in front of him at checkout. He was probably afraid I would start eating the food from his basket like I was munching on the food from my basket.

My husband. That guy deserves a freakin’ award. He’s handling this weeks mood swings like a champ. It’s nice to know that even if I suck at being a mom, little Mickey will have a great dad.



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