McBaby shower – San Diego style

A few weeks ago my wonderful mama hosted a lovely brunch for me and little Mickey. It was actually the same weekend as my bridal shower 2 years ago… funny how fast you go from receiving panties and picture frames to diapers and baby swings!

My mom made tons of yummy food, and some people got to enjoy a variety of mimosas. I’m jealous of those people as I had to stick to iced tea.

We got tons of clothes and accessories – Mickey will be one stylish bebe!

Grandma Brog and Auntie Mandy holding a bump that I thought was big. That was 8 weeks ago. 🙂

And check out these diaper cakes my family made! There are about a million items hidden inside; what a fun way to wrap up baby gifts!

So many dear friends came to celebrate and I can’t thank you all enough! I feel so loved, and I’m grateful that our little babe will have such wonderful ladies in his life!



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