Awkward and Awesome Thursday!


Walking around with two wet marks on your shirt because, well, you leak now.

That first time some gangly looking stranger reaches in to touch your baby. And you lay the mom smack down with an uncomfortable yet effective, “Um, no touching.” And then that stranger looks at you like you’re the one who just broke universal law.

The post baby bod. It’s like a Monet. You can sort of make out the shapes, but not really.

When you hold your iPhone out to take a picture but you’re still using the back camera so you catch a quick glimpse of yourself. And yourself does not look cute.


How helpful strangers can be to the mom with the infant strapped to her chest. I’ll never have to return my own shopping cart again!

The freedom of being able to tie my shoes and drink beer and wear jeans with a zipper!

Witnessing projectile vomit – it’s not a myth. Why is this in the awesome category? Because it shot like 3 feet. My boy is talented.



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