Stuff we’ll never say

I had a few moments to myself this morning and I found this unpublished blog post from April. It’s funny to look back and see my big concerns about becoming a parent. Also, I’m sort of a jerk, which is why this gem wasn’t previously published. But, I am proud to announce that we have never said (outloud) any of these! 🙂

We’re making a list of things we’ll never say when we become parents. We’ve been hurt by these annoying phrases since our first friends started having children and we want to be sensitive to our non baby-having friends. Our intentions are good, and we’re hoping that seeing these little reminders on our fridge (ha, like I’d hang something on our fridge… this list will be tucked neatly in our junk drawer) will encourage us to make good choices. So, onto the list.

Stuff we’ll never say

We can’t go out tonight because McBaby is ______.

I’d love to have lunch. But let’s meet after 2 because McBaby has to nap/crap/whatever else babies do.

Our new minivan is so spacious!

It’s hard for us to go out, so why don’t you just come over here on Saturday night?

I have to leave early because I miss McBaby.

Table for 2 and a half.

Hi, you’ve reached Sean, Amber, and McBaby. We’re not home right now, so please leave a message.

Do you think we can bring kids to the wedding?


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