Awkward and Awesome Thursday!


When someone steps on the back of your maxi skirt thus exposing your bum to the world.

Watching a middle aged man scold a lady with a baby and a pregnant woman with a floatie about parking in his spot. That guy was really mad that he had to park in the stall next to his designated stall. Oh, the injustice.

The way Sean calls on his lunch break and I do my best “I’m not still sleeping” impression.

Realizing you’re an ill equipped parent. Yes, my child had a diaper blow out. No, I do not have a change of clothes. Naked it is! (I just re-read that. He was naked, not me. If I were walking around downtown SLO naked, that would not be featured on Awkward and Awesome Thursday; it would be posted on Felony Friday.)


Crisp mornings and sweet smelling air! Autumn is hands down the best season! Forget an endless summer; I’ll take forever fall any day!

Luke’s Halloween costume! He’s going to get loads of candy!

New TV! Super excited for Parenthood, Kitchen Cousins, Dexter, and The Walking Dead!

This kid. That hair. Those chins.


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