I have lots to say about our adventures the past 3 weeks and no time to make it sound good. So we’re doing it 5th grade style with bullet points.

  • We went to Fresno and visited friends. It’s so hot there.
  • Luke turned 3 months and continues to be the most awesome little kid eva!
  • My friend Alex and his wife Claudia visited from Germany and we did lots of shopping at American stores (Wal-Mart… they freakin love that place… I took them to Target but Wally World was the winner in their eyes) and eating of American food (ribs, hot dogs, frapaccinos).
  • I did 2 family sessions and 1 newborn session. I’ll do yours too.
  • Β My college roommate, Rachel, and her little darling of a daughter visited and we went to Farmer’s Market and Avila Barn. Tourists.
  • My sister and her boyfriend visited and we went to Bull’s. I met a kid who was born in 1991. He didn’t know who AC Slater was. I drank to make the pain go away.
  • I second shot a wedding in Carmel Valley with a wonderful girl who also loves white gummy bears.
  • Harper started Agility Class. She’s very agile as long as she’s motivated. Aren’t we all?
  • Here are the pictures to prove it. Well, some of it.

Ok, that last picture of Harper isn’t her being agile. It’s her licking peanut butter off her nose. Still totally awesome.


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