The one about my weight

As some of you know, I just had a baby. And along with the whole having-a-baby thing comes a little extra weight. About 30 extra pounds of weight. Which seems so silly because babies don’t weigh that much.

After Luke arrived, I felt immediate relief. No more humungous belly bumping into things. And when I got home, I was pretty excited to weigh myself, fully anticipating that I would be at least 10 lbs thinner. After all, I had delivered a 7 lb 7 oz baby and a few other things, so I was bound to be near my pre-pregnancy weight, right? Nope. Not even close. I was only 4 lbs lighter than the day I checked into the hospital. How is that even possible?!?! It’s not like I was scarfing the super delicious cafeteria food.

It was a bad choice to step on the scale that day because I got sad. Really, really sad. Instead of being thankful that my body was able to carry and deliver the most wonderful babe, I hated my body and all of its floppiness. I had read in all these magazines that supermodels are back to their pre-baby size in 6 weeks. That became my goal. Except I forgot that I’m not a supermodel. And that I was suddenly allowed to eat ice cream again. Supermodels definitely can’t eat ice cream.

So, six weeks later I hopped back on the scale. Disbelief! I had only lost 4 more lbs. Mickey baby was a month and a half old and I still weighed as much as I did at 32 weeks pregnant! This confirmed that I was definitely not a supermodel, or even a store catalog model. I was just a new mom. No personal trainers or nannys or chefs ensuring that I get skinny quick. Just me. Doing my best. Waiting for the “nursing weight loss” to kick in.

At 3 months post-partum, I hit the scale again. This time I was down a total of 15 lbs. And I decided to change my thinking. Instead of gawking at the huge number before me, I decided to be grateful that it was getting smaller. Every time. Not a lot, but definitely going in the right direction. I’m getting skinnier every day. Wahoo!

After that, I decided to actually try to lose the weight. I’m back to my super boring but super effective pregnancy diet, with occasional delicious treats. And I started exercising – walking around the lake a few days per week, and hiking once or twice a week.

Luke is almost 4 months old and I’m 10lbs away from my pre-pregnancy weight. And I am so excited! I’m still in my maternity jeans, but those things are so dang comfortable, I just might order them in my regular size so I can wear them foreva! I kid. I really would love to wear my old favorite jeans. But I will not try them on until I’m sure I can fit into them. No sense in making myself cry again. And I cleaned out some of my old “skinny” clothes from college. You know the ones that you keep, hoping to inspire yourself to fit into them again. It’s hogwash. Instead, you look and them and get upset because you’re not as tiny as you were when you were 19. Well, no duh. I sent all those clothes to the Goodwill. If I ever do get that small again, I’ll want to buy all new clothes anyway. And if don’t get that small again, I’ll be fine. I’m rocking my woman body now.

So, even if it takes 6 more months, I’ll get back to my normal weight. And until then, I won’t stress. I’ll just buy flowy tops and be so thankful that it’s holiday time! Everyone is a little chubbier right now. 🙂

Except Miranda. She’s my favorite freak of nature supermodel.



One thought on “The one about my weight

  1. Lisa says:

    It’s hard not to get impatient, but it will all come off eventually {mine took at least 7 months with Jayden}! And you look great! Plus, 30 lbs is nothin when it comes to pregnancy weight gain…you did awesome!

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