Awkward and Awesome Thursday!


Holding a piece of paper in your mouth, and when you take it out, you also take the top 2 layers of skin just inside your lips. You know this has happened to you. And it happened to me. Twice, in fact. I need to stop using my mouth like a pocket.

This lady at Target who was gushing over my beautiful daughter. My daughter who was wearing a grey hoodie, navy pants, and argyle socks. My daughter who looks every bit like a BOY. I thanked her and then rubbed some dirt on Luke’s cheeks.

Me, angrily yet silently running to the door when the neighbor girl rang our doorbell like 5 times in a row in the middle of nap time. I changed my tune when I saw that she was wearing a brown sash and peddling the most delicious annual treat. GIRL SCOUT COOKIES! Be sure to ring my bell just as ferociously when my Thin Mints arrive.

Turning 31. It’s not as exciting as turning 30 or as unusual as turning 100. It’s just a reminder that 10 years ago you were turning 21. And those days are long gone. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


Our new washing machine and dryer. The timer on our old dryer didn’t work, so I would have to watch the clock. Otherwise our clothes would tumble for hours and hours and hours and I would wonder why my pants kept shrinking. Cheers for clothes that fit.

The lemon drop martini from Giuseppe’s in San Luis. With a delicious sugar rim. I wish I could coat all my food in that lemony sugary goodness.

Baby Luke transitioning from our bed to his own crib! HALLELUIA! He cried at first, and then he realized that sleeping in his own bed is way more comfortable than being smashed by mom and dad. Now he loves it! And so does Harper. Because she is back in our bed.

Finally reaching me pre baby weight. Can I get a what what?!

And a bonus:

Here are some photos from Luke’s first food experience. Not really into it. He prefers milk straight from the carton.




One thought on “Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

  1. Lisa says:

    LOVE that you are blogging again…I’ve been missing them! Luke is the cutest…his expressions are priceless!

    Oh! And congrats on getting off the baby weight…that was fast!!!!

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