Awkward and Awesome Thursday!


Sitting on a warm toilet seat. Sick.

Realizing that I’ve worn nothing but sweatpants for 4 days. This could also go in the Awesome category.

My current sock debacle. I have this thing about only owning identical socks – one brand, one height, one color (white, obviously). Call it OCD, call it clever (laundry folding is a breeze when all your socks are the same!), call it whatever you want. I call it pure genius. Anyway, my old collection was looking a little ragged so it was time to buy some new socks. And not just 3 pairs, but all the pairs. Big commitment. And not cheap either. Buying 6 packages of socks is sort pricey, so I decided to use a gift card I got for Christmas. Kohl’s doesn’t carry my brand (Hanes, a classic) but they do carry Adidas. And I’m sporty. So I decided to be wild and buy all Adidas socks. What I failed to notice was that they weren’t just plain, cozy, slip-on-your-feet, plain white socks. They were compression socks. Read: super freakin’ tight sausage casings for my feet, ankles, and lower calves. But I had already washed them, all 14 pairs!  I know Kohl’s has a great return policy, but I would feel so ridiculous returning a giant sack of socks. So now I’m stuck with a drawer full of the tightest, most restricting socks in the world. And I have to live with the fact that I just rambled on for 2 minutes about socks.

Knowing that Sean already bought my Valentine’s Day card. So thankful I won’t be stuck with one of the leftovers.

The show Nashville. What could be better than Tammy Taylor singing with the guy from Whose Line?!

Luke’s hairs.

And Harper’s eyes. DSC_3188


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